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Brand Story



"I started the jewellery making journey in end 2015 after I relinquished my senior management role in a local public listed company which I have been working for more than 10 years. 

I started the jewellery making with an intension just to fill up my free time from my ‘early retirement’ life when I am not travelling. I have been very curious about new things but normally the excitement doesn’t last long……. for me. Somehow, this hobby got me hooked and got me invested in lots of tools and materials.

This is when I decided to create a brand for my creation. I started to sell online in platform but it didn’t turn out as per expected. Anyhow, it didn’t shed my passion making jewellery. In fact, I start learning more new skills through online learning. I even took up a professional silversmithing course with Lucy Walker Jewellery Academy in 2019." 



The bazaar selling journey 



"After sometimes, my collections has grown tremendously that I don’t have space to stock them. That was when I muted the idea to try selling at artisan weekend bazaar. The bazaar selling journey was not smooth sailing for me. In fact, I didn’t make any sales from my first few bazaar. But that did not shed my confidence. I continue to try out different bazaar at different locations. After 18 months, I managed to stabilize my business and I have a pool of fans and followers of my creation."


My Jewellery Studio


"My customers like my creations is because I get them involve in the ideation and every piece are exclusively design for individual customers where no one would have the same piece. My customers also like to send their old jewellery for me to remodel them to a new fresh look. My satisfaction & motivation come from their happy faces when they see my creation. 

I am very grateful with my jewellery making so far. My Jewellery Studio would be materialize within 2020 and retail in 2021." 


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My Motto : Happiness is Love what you are doing.


Testimonials from Customers